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Sport Hydration: Lemonade, Caffeine Free

$ 10.99

Specially formulated for beginner and pro athletes alike. Whether you play hard or work hard, proper hydration is crucial for performance and recovery. Ideal for the most physically demanding conditions of any sport or activity.

Essential electrolytes balanced formula for optimal hydration

Cane sugar (fructose/glucose) quickly converts into glycogen (energy) readily available as muscle and brain fuel. 100 calories per serving.

Made with real lemons 

Our Lemonade Sport Hydration utilizes a blend of glucose and fructose (sucrose and dextrose) as the primary energy substrates; this combination of sugars allows for rapid energy production in even under the most intense activities. This product was originally tested in cycling having a broad range of intensities during the course of a race; thus we recommend using our sport hydration during workouts that range from medium to high intensities or whenever energy is needed. This isotonic blend is readily absorbed and contains the essential electrolytes sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, in a proprietary balanced formula that will optimize your body's ability to stay hydrated.  Our Lemonade Sport Hydration is flavored with real lemon juice. 

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