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About Us

Whether you're an elite athlete preparing for the peak performance of your life, or trying to sneak workouts during your hectic work week; we at Cranked Naturals are committed to providing you with the products you need to help you reach your potential no matter what realm of the fitness world you call home.  Whether you train 40 hours a week or 4, we have products to help you fuel your workouts, and maximize your recovery. All of the products we produce are plant based, and are comprised of the purest, highest quality ingredients we can source, we use organic ingredients whenever possible. At Cranked Naturals we personally source all of our ingredients, and manufacture all of our products in house; this process allows us to maintain high quality control standards, and ensure what we put on the label is what is contained within the package.  We believe that consuming plant based foods is not only best for the environment, but best for your health, recovery, and wellness. We are committed to ensuring that all of our ingredients are derived from plant based sources. Bottom line; regardless of your diet, or athletic ability, we’re here to provide you with products that will help you succeed and perform in your endeavors.

Plants are amazing! With countless varieties, benefits and combinations, this is what excites us! Although we develop our products with elite athletes in mind, anyone can benefit from our nutrient dense, performance enhancing products. Let's feel good together, one nutritious smoothie at a time!