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Beet-Berry Cardio Boost Pre-Formance

$ 9.99

Our special blend of superfoods are proven to boost the body's nitric oxide production, oxygen intake, and endurance. Great for sports and everyday energy needs.

Our beet berry pre-formance is designed to be used as a powerful pre-workout aide.  The primary ingredient, beet root powder, is rich with nitrates which act as a powerful vasodilator, and thus provides working muscles with increased blood flow.  Cordycep mushrooms help to boost oxygen intake and increase time to fatigue. The Maca root acts as a natural mild stimulant and helps with focus and performance.  Our berry juice blend with a touch of organic stevia extract and sugar are used to naturally enhance the flavor of this product.  

Combine with our Pomegranate Power Boost Pre-Formance mix for peak performance!

Vegan | Gluten Free

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