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Mixed Berry Power Boost Pre-Formance

$ 9.99

This pre-workout blend is specially formulated for intense workouts and maximal anaerobic muscle performance. 

Our power boost is designed to be used as a daily pre-workout aid.  It contains beta-alanine, which when taken daily can improve the bodies ability to buffer lactate; thus allowing one to sustain a higher output at the same perceived exertion.  Creatine provides ATP (cellular energy), improving one’s explosiveness and sprint power; while the L-citrulline acts as a vasodilator and increases blood flow to working muscles. Branched chain amino acids are added to help prevent muscle breakdown during workouts.  Our mixed berry juice blend with a touch of organic stevia extract and sugar naturally enhance the flavor profile of this product.

Combine with our Beet-Berry Cardio Boost mix for peak performance!

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