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MDW Sports Elite Team Announced

MDW Sports Elite Team Announced

We are happy to announce our elite roster for 2021. Our expansive team typically competes in over 100 events per year, however with the current lockdowns throughout the country, events are limited and subject to change. We will announce our upcoming events here along with our MDW Sports social media and blog 

Ray George: MTB Slopestyle/Freeride

Diego Caverzasi: MTB Slopestyle/Freeride

Ray Syron: Urban MTB Downhill

Trevor Boldi: MTB Downhill/Enduro

AJ Agazarm: Jiu Jitsu/MMA

Alan Sanchez: Boxing/Trail Running

Avery Collins: Ultra Running

Sarah Correa: Ultra Running

Chris Avila: MMA

Nate Diaz: Jiu Jitsu/MMA

Jose Aguayo: MMA/Trail Running

Kera Linn: MTB Downhill

Chris Canfield: MTB Downhill

David Langer: Big Wave Surf

Josh Bender: MTB Freeride

Vincent Kimber: MTB Freeride/Enduro

Heather Munive: MTB Downhill/BMX

Jules Goguley: MTB XC/Endurance

Julie Baker: XTERRA Triathlon

Robin Pomeroy: Ironman Triathlon

Justin Cox: Sprint Car Racing

Liz Mclean: Climbing

Lucas Gamanza: MTB Downhill

Mikey Hothi: Jiu Jitsu

Fancy Rutherford: Park/Urban Snowboarding

Nelly Steinhoff: Backcountry Snowboard

Christine Eikmeier: MTB Downhill/Enduro


Ray George on the Set: Virgin, UT.
Ray George in Virgin

Ray George in Virgin Utah to co-star in upcoming MSP Film along with Carson Storch, Reed Boggs and Nicholi Rogatkin.


Nelly wins at Mammoth Mountain: JLA Banked Slalom

March 1, 2020


Great to see Nelly back on the mend...with a win no less.

Ms. Superpark 2020. Photos: Kieth Rutherford

Currently events are scarce, however,  Danielle “Nelly” Steinhoff continues to chase the fresh pow and fresh air in the backcountry of the Sierra Nevadas. 

Follow Nelly: | | (209) 810-6654 | @mdwsports

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