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Pure Hydration Orange-Citrus: No Sugar Added

$ 12.99

Also, try our delicious Pink Lemonade Pure Hydration, no sugar added!

Did you know that drinking plain water alone can further dehydrate you?  Plain water is great to consume with meals, as the food we eat food contains many vital electrolytes, while usually lacking in the amount of water it would take to be isotonically balanced for our bodies.  Often we find ourselves in situations where we don’t get these ratios right and/or we create a fluid deficit during our activities. Pure Hydration is a product that we at Cranked Naturals developed to help your body re-establish and maintain proper fluid and electrolyte balance.  Pure Hydration is lower in calories and is a great product to use when fluids need to be replaced, yet your energy demands aren’t high; or if you are currently on a carbohydrate restricted diet. Pure Hydration is great to use post workout, especially when it was hot and fluid loss was high, or, during lower intensity exercise sessions such as hiking, yoga, while running errands, or even during a night out on the town (especially one that involves the consumption of adult beverages).  Mildly flavored and lightly sweetened; at only seven calories per serving don’t let the subtle taste throw you off, pure hydration will help to keep you optimally hydrated and conquering life’s many challenges.

Essential electrolytes balanced formula for optimal hydration

No Sugar Added
For use between workouts or daily activities

Made with real fruit juice

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